About Us ...
PhotoShow Ltd 2006
PhotoShow Ltd
Ngaruawhia New Zealand
07 8490089 - 021977487
Printed Photos
and / or
Digital Images
35mm Slides
and / or
Films & Videos ...
8mm & 16mm
Capturing VHS
and most other
video formats
Audio & Effects
all audio types
Reels, Tapes,
Records etc..
Remastered and
Re-formatted to
other media...
For many years before PhotoShow was formed our
staff worked in the Audio/Visual Industry and were often
called upon to assist in the production and display of
peoples presentations and media. We soon found there
was a need out there to form a business specialising in
Capturing your Memories....
We will capture almost any
of your media (old and
new) restore it, enhance it,
change its format, so that it
can be enjoyed again and
again by you and all your
family and friends.

Often this media is  
deteriorating  faster than
you think, to a point where
it can never be re-used or
restored. Don't mess
around with your precious
family memories.
Do something about it,
before it's too late...
See below
In the production of high
quality DVD presentations
and media restoration to a
standard that will not only
impress but very often
surprise you....
Not only do we produce the
work for you we but can also
arrange to display it as well.
See our services for          
DVD Creation Company
Media can be captured and
rendered back in an other
format, ie: AVI (Mpeg4) ,
WMV HD video, WMA, MP3
or quicktime for i device and
so on...
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