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Photo Repairs ...
Below are a few of the photo repairs we have
done. Do you have any like these...
This photo had been in
direct sunlight and the
image was blistered and
badly faded......
The damage to the photo
suface was repaired
and the fading was
Client was very happy...
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1940's Black & White
Very age faded.
Almost taken on a
sepia appearance.

Fade correction done, but
still some age spots
apparent,This is okay for
DVD but may need further
touch-up for re-printing
1970's-80's Colour
Chemical discolouration
causing a very orange
aging appearance.

Basic fade and colour
correction is done to
repair this effect. Great
for DVD and re-prints.
Many other repairs can be done to your
precious photos.that have
spills, scratches, creases and tears....
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