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PhotoShow Ltd 2006
PhotoShow Ltd
Ngaruawhia New Zealand
07 8490089 - 021977487
DVD Creation Company
Audio and Video Production from almost any media type
8mm & 16mm Film Capturing,
Old Audio Recordings (Tapes, Reels and Records)
Hard Copy & Digital Photo's, 35mm Slides & Negatives.
Digital Video and VHS.
More to come soon....
Data & File Recovery Service
Have you accidentally deleted or removed
file/s from your Hard-disc, USB or Card
device. We may well be able to recover these
for you. Firstly you MUST NOT write any more
information to this device otherwise it maybe
permanently overwritten, this also includes  
Damaged or Scratched CD's, DVD's or
Blu-Ray  disks.
We have forensic level software that may well
be able to recover lost, deleted or damage
media from devises. No guarantee can be
given, alot is up to what you have done and
do from this point on....
Leave it alone and get it too us as soon as
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